Friday, October 19, 2018

Blata Mini Moto

Blata Elite 13 style Liquid / Water Cooled minimoto

Blata Elite 13 replica , Liquid cooled mini moto, water cooled  minimoto. Fast minimoto!! The Blata Elite 13 water cooled replica mini moto is extremely fast. The Elite 13 liquid cooled bike will not fail to amuse experienced riders as it really is fast. Not suitable for minors. Please read safety guide lines before buying this Elite Replica minimoto. This bike is scary!!! Smaller and much lighter than other liquid cooled minimoto's, the Blata Elite 13 replica bike is hard to keep to the ground – in fact you will struggle to keep the front wheel down due to the sheer power… Once mastered you should be able to leave everyone with a face full of exhaust fumes and you shoot off into the distance!

SORRY ALL SOLD OUT – PLEASE SEE ALTERNATIVE PRODUCTS.. NEED ADVISE? Why not call us on 07835 777 446 OR 07950 103 777

BUY NOW £199.99 – P&P £25

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