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Running in Process for the Polini Liquid Cooled Replica Minimoto

Running in Process for the Polini Liquid Cooled Replica Minimoto

One of the most common questions we get asked after a purchase of a Polini 911 replica is how to run it in!

Here’s a quick mini moto info guide to help you.

The Running in procedure

This bike has a very close tolerance high performance 2-stroke engine. Therefore, you must run the engine in extremely carefully to get the best from it. If you sense the engine is getting tight e.g. not idling properly, you must switch-off & let it cool down whilst carefully turning over on the pull start. Avoid this situation at all costs IT IS DAMAGING YOUR ENGINE. If it occurs, you are either being to aggressive with the break-in, or you have not got the cooling system functioning correctly e.g. air-lock.

How to avoid an air-lock?

As this is a liquid cooled bike. When you fill with pure coolant you must ensure the radiator and coolant system are free from all air locks. In order to do this pour in the coolant until it starts dribbling from the hole in the top of the radiator, remove bleed pipe whilst priming the cooling system by turning the back wheel. You may also need to pressurise the system to force out the air locks by blowing into filler or 'de-gas' bottle.

What is the ratio of petrol to oil?

Initially you need to use a break-in mixture of 25:1 then once its nicely run in you can make your mix 40:1. This will help reduce the amount of black smoke and make it a leaner mix.

Only use high quality synthetic 2 stroke oil which is available in most motorcycle and motocross shops.

Taking it easy!

Although the thing you’ve been waiting for is to get your bike up and running, get it into full throttle and just speed away, this is the one thing you should never do.

If it is necessary to have your bike running on its stand for prolonged periods, rev the engine occasionally & allow the back wheel to spin and drive the coolant pump. This will allow the coolant to circulate and prevent your bike overheating. The same is true if you are motionless for any length of time. Lift the rear wheel & rev the engine.

Getting ready to go.

For the 1st 2 full tanks of fuel, do not allow the engine into the power band. For the 3rd to 5th tank, only very brief periods of either full throttle (not max engine speed) or a few seconds in the power band. A full 5 tanks of fuel are recommended before using the bike in anger. You have been told!!

Most important about the Polini 911 Replica minimoto is that it is not a toy and the bike should not be used by children under the age of 14. Make sure you use safety equipment and have experience of mini motorbikes before you attempt to ride this.

For more details on the spec of the Polini Liquid cooled replica bikes see

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