Friday, October 19, 2018

Skatemaster Stateboards

Ghost Racing Series is proud to present an exclusive range of "Skatemaster Wireless Electric Skateboards"

Cruise down the street on the radical new Skatemaster wireless electric skateboard. Extremely precise and manoeuvrable, the Skatemaster wireless electric skateboard can be turned in an 8 foot radius and ridden under complete control in crowded environments and even at walking speeds.

The Skatemaster wireless electric skateboard is great for the beginners and also for the more experienced riders. The 4 speed-selection settings (slow, medium, high and fast) allow you choose a speed to match your riding abilities. The Skatemaster wireless electric skateboard is powered by a sealed DC electric motor that will provide many hours of maintenance free operation. The regenerative braking system will de-accelerate the wireless electric skateboard by using its electric motor as a braking system and the wireless handheld remote gives precise control over the speed and braking.

This skateboard produces no noise or air pollution. It features tyres that are made of a durable solid rubber, they do not require inflation, and will never blowout. Its compact size allows you to transport it easily and store the unit in a small space. The Skatemaster wireless electric skateboard's rechargeable battery and the drive belt motor are designed to provide many miles of riding pleasure.

Why not try this amazing new product – trust me it is so much fun, you will become an addict!!

Once you have experienced the speed and exhilaration of the Skatemaster wireless electric skateboard, we’re sure you’ll agree – there’s simply nothing else like it!

The range currently includes the following models and is backed with full spares and cool accessories.

Models include –
SkateMaster Skateboard FT-1
SkateMaster Skateboard FT-2
SkateMaster Skateboard TG-3
SkateMaster Skateboard TG-3s
SkateMaster Skateboard SF-X
SkateMaster Skateboard LS-R

NB :Always wear safety gear (see our full collection here) This product is for ages 12 and above. Read & understand the instructions before use. Do not ride on public roads or near traffic. Riders are encouraged to check local laws.

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